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Still Alive


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Olu Akinola



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-56-3


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About the Book:


Matthew, a security guard was wrongly convicted and got ten years sentence for drug possession. He’s a family man who loves his wife and children wholeheartedly. He intends to fight for his conviction to be overturned, but he would have to be incarcerated for about three years pending his appeal.


In prison he comes across some of the most dangerous criminals in Ireland. His wife has stopped taking most of his calls and stopped replying to his letters after just one year in prison.

A notorious criminal, John the daddy devil who was about to be released from prison has divulged his intention to Matthew, to kidnap and kill his ex-wife Cathy. Matthew’s mission is to stop him from committing further murders because he revealed that he has already killed his father-in-law and kidnapped his ex-wife’s best friend Lucy whom John’s associates has locked up in a cage on a farmyard. 




Can the police stop John from killing Cathy and rescue Lucy from the farmyard...?


Will Matthew’s conviction be overturned? And will he be reunited with his wife and children...?


Will John’s vengeance to kill Matthew in prison come to manifestation after his informant in the police told him Matthew ratted him to the police...?



~ ~ ~


No Matter What

I won’t give up

I will appreciate my life

I will love myself

I will continue to fight

Because I know that

There is light

at the end of the Tunnel

And I will get there...


~ ~ ~