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Lafff Lines from Ireland


By Ollie Jaye


ISBN:  978-1-907107-61-0



Price:  €12.00



About the Book


Laff Lines from Ireland contains 163 poems/monologues about fictional characters and imaginary situations with 16 pages of comic illustrations.




About the Author


The author, Ollie Jaye, is now in his seventies, but all during his life he had an interest in writing.  He has written over 200 songs, and has written a country music column for a local news weekly. He has also been a booking agent for a number of small local bands. 


Before retiring he worked as a Quality Control Inspector for the Ford Motor Company in Belfast.  Many of the songs he has written have been quite successful in song competitons in the U.S.A.

He has written numerous books of comic verse, so if, Laff Lines from Ireland is a success he would like to publish them. 

He is married and lives outside Lisburn.  He has two boys, one in Wales and one in Birmingham.  He also has two daughters, one in London who is a successful story-teller in Libraries and Museums and the other is in Manchester and is an assistant manager in a bar.





Sample Excerpts


Old Mountain Dew


Over here in Ireland

We make a special brew

Some people call it poteen

Some call it mountain dew

Only one man could handle it

And live to tell the tale

That man was Mickey Finnegan

From just outside Kinsale




A Hump and a Deformed Foot


Pat Flynn had a hump upon his back

Jack Spratt had a deformed foot

Poor Pat had an extra problem

As he was a baldy as a coot

Now Pat was really desperate

To get rid of his awful hump

Instead of being thankful

He was behaving like a chump




In love with Daniel O’Donnell


My Annie and I were so happy

For we were madly in love

Our friendship had just been platonic

Then Cupid gave us a shove

But my Annie loved country music

Which I think is completely naff

Those songs of heartache and sorrow

Simply seem stupid and daft



The music of Daniel O’Donnell

Dominated my Annie’s life

Now every time that I hear him

It cuts through me like a knife

She played his tapes and records

Day after flaming day

In the end I felt as if

My head was going astray