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Old Dublin Photos





Martin Coffey B.A. (Hons.)


ISBN: 978-1-909154-83-4


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About the Book:



        Dublin author and historian Martin Coffey spent several years collecting, preserving and compiling over 70 years of photographs, film, negatives and memorabilia belonging to his uncle Paddy Coffey (1905-1989). Paddy was born in the Monto area of Dublin where many of the earliest photographs in this collection were taken. At a very young age Paddy Coffey went to sea as a Cabin Boy and gradually worked his way up to become a fully-fledged Merchant Seaman. He was shipwrecked by a German U-boat in WWII.

        With over 300 photographs by Paddy Coffey, representing a hidden history of Dublin, its people and its maritime shores, the author invites the reader to look through the lens of the old Box Camera as used by Paddy Coffey and experience Dublin history from another perspective, that of a very keen young boy photographer who captured the life and times of an ever changing Dublin.






















Martin Coffey