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The Christmas Parcel


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Noreen Walshe


H. Hare Books



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-24-2


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About the Book:

A memoir in words and images of childhood at Christmas in Limerick in the late 50’s: distillations of bonds, moments and sequences of minor events and the magic in the little things.

Anything is possible on the Dublin Road Limerick, Ireland where Noreen Walshe the child lives, Christmas brings magic, a flying horse, a new born calf, carols from a far distant cathedral, ghosts and the interconnectedness of a small neighbourhood.

‘The Christmas Parcel’ is a sensory package of memories, stamped with love, nostalgia and the essence of that certain time and place.  Open it, unwrap the contents and recall the sparks of magic from your own childhood when ‘the world was young’ and everything seemed possible.

The five stories in this book were first broadcast for Christmas 2008 by RTE Lyric FM.


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Stories include: Bears on the Horizon, The Tenth Carol, Christmas Star,

Across the Christmas Sky and Ghosts.











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About the Author:


Noreen Walshe was born in Limerick and after an early career as a teacher, she went to study Painting in Dublin and Canada. She answers the call of two Muses: the one of painting and the other of writing.  She lives with her husband Gerry, Timmy the dog and Sprite the cat in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Co. Meath.  All in all, a very interesting life with the best yet to come!












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