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The Monarch of

Watson’s Glen


~ ~ ~


Nicholas Byrne


~ ~ ~


ISBN: 978-1-911131-64-9


Price:  € 18.00 plus P&P





About the Book:


… Sammy Richards left home and a thriving business his parents promised him in order to see a bit of the world.  Little did he know that when he returns both parents would be dead and the business taken over by a complete stranger.

Unable to recoup his business legitimately from this interloper, Dan Bradley, Sammy immediately called upon his illegitimate son, Eamon Hosey, to devise a strategy to recoup the business for his   father by whatever means he thought fit.  Eamon’s devious plan backfired on him and now he has been convicted of his crimes and is in jail to await sentencing.

In the meantime Dan Bradley was obsessed to buy out all the  tenant farmers in Watson’s Glen from the Rathmullen Estate and  return it to its original status of an Estate with him as its Monarch.

Then Dan met with a very serious accident and is now in a coma and not expected to live...