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Nesta Rüegg-Aberdeen


ISBN: 1-905451-33-4





About the Author


Nesta’s early development was influenced by her environment of a single mom and an older sister who provided the best they could in areas of comfort and understanding of the changes taking place at her

puberty years and the person that would eventually become Nesta.


At an early age, Nesta took to pen and paper recording the various experiences in her life through her poems, depicting the many chapters in her life.


Her life was always dominated by the magic, mystery and tragedies that surround love. There was always a yearning to come to grip with the various emotions that made up love as experienced by her own



The many cycles of joy and sorrow surrounding her experiences of finding love in its many forms greatly influenced the person she is. Mother hood and marriage brought home the detailed examination of her

own feelings of love in relation to commitment and honesty, and of true feelings towards the people that surround her.


Many of her works show a strong central belief in God and is reflective of her Christian upbringing within the realms of Catholicism. Her emotional side at times caused a blur in the line between reality and fiction, but has a positive effect on her writings which express many situations of hope.


Physically petite, strong in will and conviction. Nesta loves life and lives to satisfy her hunger for love and fulfilment.



About the Book


Weathered Heart is a true publication of experiences lived and shared that captures the heart. A deep journey inward. The essence of what it means to love, be in love, harbour a broken heart and to know

pain in love.


To every heart that believes in love and has reached its depths, the "hell-hole of depression" but through it all never giving up.


It honours the unforgettable experiences of endurance, fear of letting go, of loving, from the heart-warming to the bittersweet.


Weathered heart is in regard the perfect heart; warm, open, battered, torn apart, scared and yet proud to know love.  Through our pain is the evaporation of the soul, of life. That’s living.


Take a peek inside. Let your eyes scan the pages, open your heart and your mind’s understanding. See through the pain. Seek the joy, the beauty of giving, of loving.


Enjoy the collection.


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