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The Trinity is a False Doctrine



Father Neil Horan


ISBN: 978-1-907107-33-7


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The Teaching of Christ and the Apostles is found in the New Testament-that part of the Bible which was written after the time of Christ. That Teaching in turn was heavily based on the Old Testament-that part of the Bible which was written before the time of Christ. The Old and New Testaments make up the complete Bible. The Bible contains God's complete Message to Mankind. No one has the right to add to it or change it.

Jesus and his Apostles foretold in the New Testament that False Teaching would  quickly be brought into the Church, that it would be brought in soon after their day, and that it would be serious. These were Inspired Prophecies-just as reliable as Prophecies about the Second Coming.  When we read the history of the Church, we find that this is just what happened. False Teachings quickly appeared, which changed some of the key Doctrines of the Christian Religion. One of the biggest of these False Teachings was The Trinity: the view that there are Three Persons in the One God, whereas the Bible says there is one, and only One. The Book sets out the Bible Teaching about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It traces the growth of the Trinity in the early Church, especially through the false ideas of Greek Philosophy, which came to put more importance on human learning than on the Divine Learning found in the Bible. The Book refers to the two vital Church Councils which formulated The Trinity: the Council of Nicea, in 325, and the Council of Constantinople, in 381. The Book refers to the respected history of the Roman  Empire written by Edward Gibbon, over two centuries ago, in which Gibbon details how the pure Religion of Christ was soon corrupted by the Church. The Book quotes from other Authors, written during the last 125 years, who all conclude that the Trinity is a False Doctrine.  Finally, the Book has an 'Additions' part, which contains photos, copies of letters received by the Author, newspaper articles, and a map of the world as  it will be in the near future when Christ reigns as King.

Neil Horan was born into a farming Family in the Townland of Knockeeenahone, in the Parish of Scartaglen, County Kerry, on 22 April, 1947. He was the second oldest of 14 children. He has an Uncle a Priest-Father John Horan, now retired, age 93,  and living at the Family home in Scartaglen. Neil's Family have farmed that same land for generations. He attended Knockeenahone National School. He secondary education included two years in Mount Melleray Abbey, Cappoquin, County Waterford, where he also did one year studying Philosophy. He did his Theology studies in Saint Peter's College, Wexford Town, where he spent four years. While there, he was adopted by the Archbishop of Southwark,  for his Diocese. The Diocese of Southwark covers London, south of the River Thames, and the County of Kent.  Neil Horan was Ordained  Priest by Bishop Eamon Casey, in Saint Mary's Cathedral, Killarney, County Kerry, on 17 June, 1973. He began serving in Southwark in August, 1973, in the Parish of Bexley, Kent.

On the second Sunday of February, 1974, an event took place which changed Neil's life. He was cycling in Dartford, three miles from his Church in Bexley. He noticed a poster in front of a hall with the words: "Signs of the End of This Present Age."  It gave details of a Lecture which would be given at 6.30 that evening, in the hall. He went along. It turned out to be given by a small Christian Church called "The Appostolic Fellowship of Christ."  They had originated from the 'Christadelphians,' a Greek word which means 'Brothers in Christ.'  The Christadelphians  were founded by Doctor John Thomas, a Londoner, in 1848. Neil studied the Bible with the Apostolic Fellowship for a year and a half, mostly with Ray Barnett. He left the Priesthood and joined them in October, 1975. A year later, two of the group's leading Elders died suddenly, one of whom was Ray Barnett. A  year after that, a split took place in the Fellowship. It divided into two. One group kept the old name. The other group took the name 'Apostolic Ecclesia,' meaning: 'Apostolic Church.'  Neil went with the Apostolic Ecclesia. Derek Hilsden became its chief Elder. Derek wrote the Foreward to Neil's Book, "The Trinity."  The Split made Neil disillusioned, and he left the Apostolic Ecclesia in 1979. He returned to the Catholic Church as a Priest the following year, in June 1980: for the sole purpose of teaching the Bible to Catholics. He knew he would have to be discreet about this, and not openly challenge any of the major Teachings of the Church. He served in the Southwark Diocese for the rest of his time working as a Priest.

In July, 2003, he ran in front of the Grand Prix at Silverstone. In August, 2004, he ran in front of the Olympic Marathon in Athens. At both events, he carried posters proclaiming the importance of the Bible. He did it for one reason only: to draw the attention of the world to the Holy Bible, which he looks on as the most important thing in the world.

In October, 2004, he stood Trial at the Old Bailey in London. He was accused of 'Indecency' with a seven year old girl 13 years before. It took the Jury less than an hour to come to a Unanimous Verdict: 'Not Guilty.'  The Mother of the Child was present when the Incident took place in 1991. Neil has a hand-written letter from the Mother, in which she states that she never meant it to go to Court. He has another hand-written letter from her, in which she tried to stop the Case a month before the Trial-but the Law ignored her wishes. Neil regards the Case as totally clearing his name-especially since it took place at one of the chief Courts in England.

In January, 2005, he was Defrocked by the Catholic Church-the proper  Church term is 'Laicized.'  He refused to accept it, since the Church broke their own Canon Law Rules, by not granting him a Hearing. Therefore, he still looks on himself as a Priest, and thus entitled to use the Title 'Father.' However, he does not insist on being addressed as 'Father.'  He does not like 'Mister,' though, and would prefer not to be called it.

It is now 36 years since Neil first went to the Lecture by the Fellowship in Dartford. He firmly believes that he heard the Truth preached that day. After all these years, he has never changed his view: that the Fellowship proclaimed the Truth of the Bible. He believes that the Christadelphian Tradition had the Truth. It was the first time that he understood the Bible. All the understanding of the Bible that he has came from that Tradition. He was thrilled to learn that: Jesus will soon come back to Jerusalem, and will Reign there. as King of Israel, on David's Throne for 1000 years. Because all countries will become part of the Commonwealth of Israel, Christ will be King of the World. His Saints, who he will raise at his Coming, and to whom he will give Eternal Life, will Rule the world with him, as One World Government. It will be the Kingdom of God. It will be the End of this World, and the making of a New World, here on this earth.

Neil eagerly looks forward to that great time.

Neil took part in 'Britain's Got Talent' in May last year. He has been an Irish Dancer since his College days. He wears the Irish National Costume, Green, White and Gold. These also happen to be the Colours of his native Kerry-as the whole of Ireland knows through seeing Kerry Teams on the Football Field. Neil is proud of his fellow-countymen on the Football Field. He comes from 'Slieve Luachra:' an area on the Kerry-Cork Border which covers the Villages of Scartaglen, Gneeveguilla, Ballydesmond, Knocknagree, and surrounding areas. It is famous for its traditional music. Its best-known Fiddler was Padraig O'Keefe, who was from Scartaglen. He died in 1963. There is a Statue of him in the Village Green in Scartaglen-the only Monument in the Village Green. Neil is proud to be from such a great musical area. He aims to take that great Tradition with him whenever he performs his Peace Dance: 'Peace Dance' because by it he hopes to bring a little Peace and Joy to the world now, and to point to the greater Peace and Joy which will come to all the earth when Christ Reigns as King. Neil believes that splendid music, like the Slieve Luachra Music, will fill the New World-splendid music from all over the Globe. Neil models himself on King David, Israel's greatest King, who reigned in Jerusalem 3000 years ago.  David was a Dancer, Musician and Song Writer. He played the Harp, and wrote many of the Psalms-which are Songs. That is why Neil wears the Star of David on his Costume. Neil hopes to dance for Jesus and Kiing David in Jerusalem after the Second Coming.







Sample Excerpts

1. A message to the Reader from Neil Horan

2. Absolute statements are the general trend of the Scriptures

3. Context

4. Names of God in Scripture

5. One in Many

6. The Crucial Role of Jesus—without being God

7. Christ is the Rock on which the faith of all ages was built

8. Conclusion on the Father & The Son

9. Conclusion of the Spirit

10. Christendom Astray

11. Edward Gibbon—The Historian

12. My Grateful Thanks

13. Jesus & The Apostles foretold that things would go badly wrong

14. Final Message