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This DVD features photographs and video film taken by various western diplomats, journalists and during their visits to Afghanistan between 1839 and 2014. Work by Afghan photographers is also included.

The collection includes photographs taken by Wicklow man John Burke. Burke is best known for his photographs of the Second Anglo-Afghan War between 1878-1880. He applied for a job in the British Army as an official photographer but travelled to Afghanistan at his own expense using heavy cameras that would have needed transporting on pack animals through mountainous regions.



Photographers whose work features in the slideshows on this DVD:


John Burke: Irish Photographer Oskar von Niedermayer: German Diplomat

Glen Foster: American Engineer Evelyn Marie Peterson: American Diplomat

Sheer Sharar: Afghan photojournalist Local Afghan Photographers

Dr. William Podlich: American Lecturer Short films by Afghan & Foreign filmmakers

Afghanistan Through the Mirror DVD


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