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From Dunbura to Guitar

The Diaspora of Afghan Musicians



Nasruddin Saljuqi


ISBN: 978-1-909154-48-3


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About the Author:


Nasruddin Saljuqi was born in Herat, Afghanistan in 1956. After completing his degree in literature at Kabul University, he worked in the Ministry of Telecommunication as a planning director. In 1989, he left Afghanistan because of war conflicts and went to Iran, where he taught for a year in an Afghan refugee school before being drafted into the administrative section of the Afghan General Consulate in Mashhad.

He worked there for several years before relocating to Ireland with his family on a UNHCR programme in November 2000.


On his arrival in Ireland, Saljuqi helped to establish a cultural community with other Afghans living in the country. He has introduced Afghan culture to Irish society through his organistaion of several artistic and cultural events in Dublin and other parts of Ireland, one of which was an Afghan food exhibition. Following his arrival in Ireland, he also complied a number of artistic books, such as music, calligraphy and painting.


As chairperson of the Afghan Community of Ireland, and a member of the Dublin regional forum of the Ministerial council on Migrant Integration, Saljuqi is actively involved in supporting Afghan refugees and asylum seekers and has attended many governmental and NGO conferences in Ireland and in other European countries. Saljuqi is the author of a number of artistic books and brochures, which have been published in Afghanistan, Iran and Ireland.



About the book:


This publication is a rich resource for those interested in the history, organology and social context of Afghan music. In this book, titled The Diaspora of Afghan Musicians, Nassruddin Saljuqi conceptualises geographically dispersed Afghan musicians as one community, one diaspora, whilst articulating the nuances and differences in musical performance from country to country.




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