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About the Book:


Book Title: ‘My True North’          Author: MARIE ANNE Ó MÓRDHA



Irish Culture and Heritage:  Ireland and Irish Diaspora






















The Story:

The story of an Irishman born on the eve of the Irish Republic: his name Thomas Moore, in Irish Tomas O’Mordha.

Born in the Thatch Cottages, overlooking the Irish Sea, eldest of nine, his father from Drogheda and mother from Dundalk.  First generation of Irishmen to be taught in the native language at school, while speaking his grand-parents’ English at home.

It’s his life story as seen from his eyes: his boyhood adventures on the shores of the Irish sea, his world revolving around family, childhood friends, National School & rural science he learns there.  It’s the excitement of the calendar events and country stories, Memories of growing potatoes in his parent’s garden, camping in the Cooley mountains, swimming in Black Rock, joining in Community singing and theatre, the eventful house-move by his grand-ma with uncles and aunt, Johnny, James and Rosie, himself sitting in the back of the truck to accompany Gran-ma, to a newly built terrace house with the newness of electricity and 40s technologies in St. Alphonsus Villas, a move which will see Thomas living in Nanna’s house for the remainder of his childhood.  An eventful time witness to the outbreak of the World War II and the Emergency in Ireland, seeing his father a Sergeant in the Army, working away from home to the West in Letterkenny. 

Thomas’ momentous career started at the age of 14 in the Footwear Industry joining his uncle Johnny and aunt Rosie in the factory… the immense pride he feels getting his first pay-packet which he hands unopened to Nanna as was the custom in the house.  It’s the excitement of joining the Irish Naval Reserve and town parades in full naval uniform with Nr. One Company Dundalk, in Clanbrassil Avenue on St. Patrick’s Day. His love of Ireland, the towns of Dundalk, of Drogheda on visits to his paternal grandparents, mid-way stop-over by bicycle on his way to Dublin, staying at An Óige Hostels, getting to know the City and going to dances meeting Dublin girls.

The book encapsulates Thomas and Marie Anne Moore’s life stories; Thomas’ career-move to the United Kingdom and further afield, going to Paris Fashion Shows, travelling in post-war Germany, building a footwear factory in the Caribbean for the United Nations, his trip to the Big Apple, New York HQ: The Twin Towers, from where he’s sent to the Philippines overseeing footwear exports to the US.  His move to Melbourne, Australia, and finding his feet. It’s the story of Thomas Moore’s life in 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Australia, where he meets his wife Marie Anne, the author of the book: “My True North”

Full circle back home in the Celtic Tiger years and the story goes on …




About the Author:



Teacher, Writer, Artist, Manager, Secretary, Clerk, Student of Life, Wife, Daughter, Sister & Friend, Step & God-mother to adorable children with children of their own, making Marie Anne a very young Great-grandmother.  Interested in People, World Events and Cultures.


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My True North: Marie Anne writes a loving tribute to her late husband.

TIA CLARKE, Dundalk Democrat