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My True North




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Marie Anne O’Mordha



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About the Book:


Book Title: ‘My True North’       Author: Marie Anne O’Mordha


Irish Culture and Heritage:  Ireland and Irish Diaspora



The story of an Irishman born on the eve of the Irish Republic:  his name is Thomas Moore, in Irish Tomas O’Mordha.

Born in the Thatch Cottages, overlooking the Irish Sea, eldest of nine children, his father from Drogheda and mother from Dundalk. First Generation of Irishmen to be taught in the native language, in Irish.


It’s the story of his journey in Ireland and the Irish Diaspora, having worked in 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Tomas O’Mordha born and bred in Ireland, has made his way full circle back home to Ireland.  An uplifting story of Life, Work and Love.





About the Author:



On being asked by a Professor when she will be doing her PhD, Marie Anne Moore replied:“I’ll be doing my PhD in life.”

Marie Anne is interested in Languages, the Media and the Arts. She has worked in Administration, Sales and Education, and she is a registered teacher in Australia and in Ireland.  Married to Tom Moore for the best part of 40 years and regards her husband as her soul-mate and therefore dedicates this book in his loving memory. Marie Anne is also dedicating this book to the people of Ireland, as she was a student in Irish schools as a youngster.


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