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“Monto Madam murders”


In 1896, a Dublin court room was packed to capacity with crowds of people eager to hear the gruesome details of a horrific murder involving two sisters, both prostitutes that took place on the doorstep of a brothel in the Red-Light District of ‘The Monto’.

   This is the story of Nannie McLoughlin and Margaret Carroll, the author’s great-grandmother, who were charged in the slaying of John McKenna, an innocent ‘Customer’ who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

   In the opening chapters of this story, the author focuses on many examples of murder and mayhem on the streets of Dublin in the mid to late 1800’s and shows how the Monto in particular was a ‘Powder-Keg’ of violence where Madams, like Nannie McLoughlin ruled with fists of steel.

And whatever became of Margaret Carroll’s three young children, how did this murder affect their young lives? Two of her children spent more years in Reform Schools than she did in prison for her part in the murder of John McKenna. Finally, how did Prisoner B259, ‘Monto Madam’ Nannie McLoughlin come to end her days in Toronto, Canada?

Murder in the Monto

Written and compiled by


Martin Coffey B.A. (Hons)



ISBN: 978-1-911131-29-8


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