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Miscalculated Feelings by Zuzana (‘Q’) Karasová is a literary novel, which tells a story about a twenty-nine-year-old British photographer Malachi Meison Meison. He flies from London to a fictitious city named after the mythical land of Atlantis. The year is 2003. Soon after his arrival, he discovers the loss of his passport. In the Memory Museum, he becomes infatuated with a wax model of a rich young woman. Her name is Jezebel von Rückschauhof but he calls her his Lady Chatterley. Despite public opinion that she has been dead or lost for years, he gets to find her. She is much older then and extremely attached to her house that she never leaves. Nevertheless, he is unable to escape her no matter where he goes.


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Meison hoped Jezebel would leave soon; he wanted to go to bed. He locked the door and put his grey flannel pyjama with black stripes on when she did. That grey colour really became him it went with his eyes. Then unconscious of the embarrassment she had caused, and tucking him in, he fell asleep in an instant. He slept on his back with his mouth open drawing the air deep into his lungs. As dawn broke, some bird began to call loudly at the balcony railing.

He stripped naked and looked at himself in the Venetian mirror. His posture was erect as that of Greek athletes. The length of his torso was roughly equal to the length of his legs whereas standard measures of such body were distal phalanxes of his little fingers. As he stared at his reflection in the mirror, his sight was playing tricks on him.

He gave a satisfied smile and went out naked to the balcony. There was sameness about much of the iron fences except that the wall of stone opposite marked the boundary of Freemasons Hall. Some laughter had resounded through the street, cars drove away smoothly, and monotonously one after the other filling the morning air with their greyish-blue pollutions laden with lead heavily.



Miscalculated Feelings


Zuzana Karasová


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Zuzana Karasová was born on 24 October 1954 in former Czechoslovakia as an only child.  In 1984, she graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava with a MA in Art History.  She has three scholarly papers and twenty-one articles on art and architecture to her credit.  At the age of forty-nine, she started writing exclusively in the English Language.  Zuzana (‘Q’) Karasová is the pen name of the author because of the local widespread use of her name otherwise.

Miscalculated Feelings is her second novel.

She is currently working on a narrative non-fiction, which is tentatively entitled From Ruins to Mourning.  She lives in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, with her family.  Although she likes writing, in her heart she is a colourist and painter. 


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