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This is a book of short stories unlike anything you have read before. You are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read tales that are not just true stories but encapsulate the very essence of humanity and humour. It's a reflection of times when things may have been harsh but metamorphosed into times of happiness by the unique style of the author.

So if you want some happy thoughts in your life read "The Arresting Tales of Michael F." and journey with a young boy from the lake sides of Leitrim to the lanes of The Liberties where he patrolled the streets as a young garda recruit recalling encounters which will truly entertain engage and fascinate you. Your visit to this book will be one you will be glad you took and indeed treasure for ever.








The Arresting Tales

of Michael F.


By Michael F. Bohan


The heart warming story of

a country lad who learned about life, love, laughter and more

policing the villages, towns

and cities of Ireland.


Price: 12.99