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Be My Friend


Written by


Michael Corcoran


ISBN: 978-1-909154-88-9


Price: €15.00




About the Book:


Michael Corcoran is from Carrowbrowne in Galway where he worked hard serving his time as a bricklayer. He started his own contracting business in the 1980's.

In his first book, ‘Be My Friend’, he writes about growing up in a small village in Ireland in the 50's and 60's. He recalls stories about his young life, his construction work, sporting events and stories of overcoming alcohol addiction.

Also included in the book is a collection of photographs and some poetry.






Queen Elizabeth visited Ireland in two thousand and eleven.

The welcome that she received she thought she was in Heaven.

When she stepped off the plane she was all dressed in green.

It was a sight for sore eyes that the world had seen.



The people of Ireland treated the Queen with respect

The security was so huge that was no neglect

She said a few words ‘as Gaeilge’, president McAleese said ‘wow’

Queen Elizabeth was so lovely she is one of us now.



She worked as a mechanic during her teenage years

The way she spoke so gently did bring a lot of tears

She shown the whole world that she wanted us to have peace

For the two countries to mix just like the wild geese.



There used to be trouble between her country and ours

Sure we will walk away from that now and she lay down the flowers

In our little green Island we need to forgive and forget

And show our respect to the nice lady that we met.



She visited our heroes in their graves where they rest

And bowed her head down to show her respect

She wasn’t high and might just of high degree

Just so plain and humble for everyone to see



You didn’t taste our Guinness maybe next time you will

Sure the big pint you got the look of it would kill

Some of us Irish we call it ‘the black stout’

You are well able my lady to work it all out.



Queen Elizabeth of England we would like to see you back

We took to you so much you sure have the knack

Let the people of the two Islands take a leaf from your book

And forget all the troubles that we all undertook.