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Life is a gift not to be wasted, but to be lived with courage, hope and a sense of adventure.  Not that I have reached the twilight years I am surprised at things remembered since my childhood.  As I put memories of my life on paper, I invite all of you who enjoy a good story to accompany me through the years.





I would like to dedicate this book to my husband Ollie and my daughters Annmarie & Olive, their husbands Sean & Shane and my grandchildren, Bethany, Aoibheann, and Taylor.

Who have shared the rough and good times with me.


“The Joy of a dream come true”



I cannot do what you can do

You cannot do what I can do

But together we can do something beautiful for God.


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Journey Through Life

Written By Maura Renehan

Co-written by Mary Prendergast


Surrounded by friends I pass all my days.

The sun as its shining I enjoy all its rays.

My body is weak buy my faith is strong.

With god on my side, we’ll all get along.


As I journey thorugh life I carry a heavy load.

The road that I may follow will be my abode.

So don’t be afraid you’re of one of the chosen few.

Just hold his hand sincerely and he will guide you.


Be kind to everyone and love one another.

Treat everybody as sister and brother.

When your work on earth is done, it will seem so long.

He will take you home you’ll never be alone.


So to yourself be true and your gifts you will renew.

For life has many seasons that pass along your way.

The shadow by your side will bring a brand new tide.

So hold on and remember, his arms are open wide.













A Walk down Memory Lane




Maura Renehan


ISBN:  978-1-909154-87-2


Price:  €10.00

Book Reviews:

I was delighted to read your book Maura, ‘A Walk down Memory Lane’, Congratulations, Well done.

Sr Lucia Lynch M.M.M


Maura’s book is a lovely simple heart felt story from a very brave and cheerful lady.



I have read Maura’s book 3 times, and it brought back many memories of long ago up on the knock on a Sunday Afternoon.  It is a lovely book, best of luck with it. 

Maureen (Dowling) Friel


Maura, your book was a joy to read.  My son Hilary Óg was fascinated with it.  He loves local lore, it was so easy to read and he wants it left on his book shelves.  I’ll be a willing customer for the next book.

Ena & Hilary Delahunty


Congratulations on a lovely memoir of your young days, which I enjoyed immensely. 

Jim Cooke


The Hills and Valleys of Life




Maura Renehan


ISBN: 978-1-911131-16-8


Price:  €10.00

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Text Box: Everyone has a dream to achieve something in their life-time.  I am one of the lucky ones who has lived long enough to see my dream come true.  My lifelong dream has been to write a book and have it published.