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My Renehan Family History


Curraghmore, Co. Tipperary



Written & Compiled by

Mary Renehan and Martin Coffey B.A. (Hons)


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About the Book:



   Curraghmore is a rural townsland situated in the Arra Mountain region of north County Tipperary; it is here that my family roots are deeply embedded. My family have lived and worked in this region for generations.  They were always a hardworking, no nonsense, God fearing people. They lived through some of the greatest times in the annals of Irish History.

   These were hard times and nothing came easy or free. The Renehan’s, like many families in rural Ireland, worked together, pulled together and were often forced to emigrate together. In these times, death was a spectre that haunted most small cottages and farmhouses, taking away young children without warning and leaving broken hearted parents to suffer in their own private silence. Eviction was a constant threat to many rural families and communities throughout Ireland and the townsland of Curraghmore in County Tipperary was no different.  It too had its share of evictions but many of the neighbours from this area stood shoulder to shoulder in their fight against this form of injustice. One neighbour in particular stepped forward and paid off a debt owed by a poor widowed woman, thus ensuring she kept a roof over her head.

   Welcome to my story.











Martin Coffey and Mary Renehan


(Photo: John Smails 2014)


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‘My Renehan Family History’ by Mary Renehan is available in the following stores in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary


Joseph Starr & Sons, 10 Mitchell Street, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

McLoughlins Hardware and DIY, Banba Square, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Larkin's Grocery, Ballina, Co Tipperary

Spar, Portroe, Co Tipperary



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