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Bows in the Clouds


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Mary McFadden



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-15-0


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In this her life story Mary tells the reader how while growing up in Ireland at a very young age, she began to suffer with post traumatic stress disorder after an attack. How fear manifested itself in various bizarre and abnormal ways in her personality as a result of this, shattering her confidence in her teenage years.


Mary tells about the coping skills she needed to acquire to mask her insecurity throughout her checkered life, which was paved with abandonment by her father, her journey through marriage, motherhood, alcohol abuse, loss and grief. All intertwined with plenty of humour, joy, happiness and family    togetherness.


These moments were her

                      bows in the clouds.


‘Like the phoenix I have risen from the ashes.’


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About the Author:


Mary McFadden lives in Ireland with her husband and two sons. She loves reading, writing, walking and cycling. She enjoys writing poetry which she gives as gifts to friends and family on special occasions.  Bows in the Clouds is her own life story and her first published book.