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The Waiting Room Christmas Tree (Crann Nollag an tSeomra Feithimh) is a magical tale about a forgotten Christmas tree rescued by a doctor and his children for their waiting room.

The artificial tree observes the troubled lives of people and wishes to help them. On Christmas night a ‘visitor’ imbues the tree with life and magical things happen….


With a background as a child psychiatrist the author Mary Joyce has created this story to bring parents closer to their children and their worries and to emphasise the importance of kindness.


The book is written in English and Irish and is designed to be read to children aged 4 to 10 years of age over the 12 days of Christmas.


The book also includes an English Irish Medical Dictionary as an appendix.


































At dawn the sky was blue except for a few white clouds like fluffs of cotton wool.

A red Porsche drove quickly up the mountainside to the village of Wish. Miss Gilly Malphigian was the driver. She was the doctor’s receptionist and secretary. The waiting room in the surgery was full of patients. As usual there was a long queue.

There were wheezing children.

Babies were roaring and adults were coughing.

Today everyone was talking about the tree in the corner. Some children were playing with the balls on the tree.

Chapter 3

First Day in the Waiting Room

Caibidil 3

An Chéad Lá sa Seomra Feithimh


Le fáinne an lae bhí an spéir gorm ach amháin go raibh cúpla scamall beag, bán cosúil le flocas cadáis ann.

Ghluais Porsche dearg go tapa  suas an sliabh go dtí an baile beag, Wish. Miss Gilly Malphigian a bhí ag tiomáint. Fáilteoir agus rúnaí an dochtúra ab ea í. Bhí seomra feithimh an áras Máinlíochta lán le hothair. Mar ba ghnáth, bhí scuaine fhada ann.

Bhí páistí le cársán orthu, naíonáin ag béicigh agus daoine fásta ag casachtach.

Inniu, bhí gach éinne ag caint faoin gcrann. Bhí páistí ag súgradh leis na cnapóga Nollag ar an gcrann.

The Waiting Room

Christmas Tree


Crann Nollag

an tSeomra Feithimh



Written By Mary Joyce

Illustrated By: Belinda Walsh


ISBN:  978-1-909154-11-7


Price:  € 19.99


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