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A Time of Innocence



ISBN: 978-1-905451-54-8


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About the Book


In this his second book relating to Cabra West/Cabra Martin Coffey has managed to bring together an incredible account of the lives and times of hundreds of families and individuals who grew up together in this suburb of Dublin from the late 1930s onwards.


Most of the photographs in this book were stored away for many years in family albums, old handbags, wardrobes, shoe boxes and attics. Their owners recently presented them to the author, along with personal and family stories, for inclusion in this book to ensure that their parents and families are never forgotten and that their   connection with Cabra West/Cabra is forever remembered.


‘My name is Shay Jordan and I lived on Annamoe Drive in Cabra. My best pal is Eugene Rooney. We left home together in the 1950’s to work in Birmingham. We were only 17 years old.  We ended up in a lodging house where we shared the same room. It was so cold in the room that we had to wear our overcoats to bed’. 




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Growing up as a child in Cabra West during the 1950’s and 1960’s almost seems like something from a long forgotten dream. The classrooms of the schools I attended are practically empty of young children today. Most all of our old neighbours are dead and gone. All we have left are our selected memories and some photographs to treasure. Take care of them lest we forget’



The Author, Martin Coffey


A Time

to Remember



Martin Coffey B.A.


ISBN: 978-1-907107016


Price:  €15.00