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No Half measures is the full life story of the author, Marilyn Lamont.  Raised by her strict grandmother and her father leaving when she was five years old,  this books tells the tale of her life, two lives in one lifetime.  Her mother becomes her drinking partner and at 31 she reaches the hell of alcoholism.  Marilyn and her mother miraculously gets sober in 1985 and she then finds her father at 36.  He too sober since 1985, three miracles….


About the Author


“For me, dear Reader, life is one big book from beginning to end with different chapters throughout life's journey. Good times, Bad times, Happy times and Sad times.


Let me take you through two chapters of my life, two lives in one lifetime.  My old life, a life filled and fuelled by alcohol in a drunken haze. I did not live these chapters but I merely existed through them, as I stumbled from one scenario to another until I found, through the grace of God and the   fellowship of A.A. my new Life.


As you read my book, I hope you will come to believe as I did, that there is no such thing as a ‘Hopeless Case’.”






No Half Measures



Marilyn Lamont


Hope, inspiring, funny, tragic

and joyous...


ISBN: 978-1-905451-78-4


Price:  €15.00