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“Always thought that her life would carry her to far away shores that had once been home to her forebears and those unknown to them, in far-flung antipodean lands once only reachable by wind currents blown into the white sails of tall ships on long perilous sea journeys, bidding adieu to next-of-kin, in search of new horizons.  Growing up on her great-grandfather’s lands, a Garden of Eden, cornucopia of tropical fruit and mysterious rare plants in the depth of a rain-forest, overlooking the vast blue seas of the ancient Spice route …  her father came from a long-line of seafarers from one generation to the next, and as a child, the stories of the sea were imprinted on her mind as she listened with awe to her father as he relived his sea journeys, stories of life and the storms at sea, and landing in a myriad of foreign lands …”


Her life-long husband and companion:

Thomas Moore, in Irish, Tomás Ó Mórdha


Named after his grand-father, Thomas, and co-incidentally the name of notable Irish poet: Thomas Moore.


While touring the ancient sites of Ireland, her husband said that his family originally came from the Moore of Leixlip, meaning in Old Norse, “Salmon Leap”, legendary “Salmon of Knowledge” and from the most westerly part of the Viking Kingdom...







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The Size of a Stamp

Art Collection



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