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The Size of a Stamp

Art Collection



Written By


Marie Anne O’Mordha



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About the Book:


Life can be stressful and stress is a known killer.  So in this light, get on board the hovering Star-Ship waiting for you. You will find it on the back cover of the book: The Size of a Stamp Art Collection by Marie Anne O’Mordha

Join in the journey, to give you a chance and well-deserved time to recover and recharge your batteries.


“All aboard!!!” For this delightful escape…



About the Author:



“Teach me how to write.” I asked of my husband-to-be Thomas Moore, he said: “Yes, I will.” I asked Thomas because I knew he was a Master of the English language and he had life-long world-wide Management experience in Industry at the highest levels and over time he wrote hundreds of reports in his work; his assignments for his Diploma of Education in Australia and the books & scripts he wrote for his College were nothing short of amazing, and so the tuition in writing started a long time ago with Thomas teaching me the skilful art of writing; to benefit my essays and thesis at University and afterwards my employers and now as a published author myself in my first book:


My True North by Marie Anne O’Mordha in August 2019

And in this current work:

The Size of a Stamp Art Collection by Marie Anne O’Mordha.


Thomas Moore was named after his grand-father Thomas Moore of Drogheda, and while touring the ancient sites and castles of Ireland my husband told me the branch of his family originally came from the Moore of Leixlip, meaning in Old Norse “Salmon Leap”, the most westerly part of the Viking Kingdom of Dublin, and co-incidentally Thomas Moore my husband bears the name of the notable Irish poet Thomas Moore.



Sample Excerpts:


Mother Machree, the whole of Ireland’s here, former workers: of Iarnród Éireann, Drivers of CIE buses & taxi-men, Mechanics of Aer Lingus, Bakers of Kylemore and of Brennan’s Bread Chiefs and Indians present: the Captains of Industry and Council workers who left their High-Viz-jackets and muddy boots by the hall-stand back home, MKM Assortment Confectionery and Chocolate Makers.

There’s always the restaurant that stands out, everyone seems to be a patron, always packed, the atmosphere jolly and buoyant, the menu is what people like to eat, home-made everyday food “All-day breakfast, Bacon, cabbage and spuds, CBS, Roast beef or chicken and vegetables,” favourite deserts to indulge in “apple pie and cream.” The owner & staff recognise the regulars and know the people by name: “Hello dear, how are you? What would you like today?” The patron taking a little time to see, the owner would ask: “What did you have for breakfast today?” and the reply “The Missus made me a good breakfast today, the full Monty.”



Nature or Nurture?


Nature or Nurture?  Who wins?  It’s for each to decide…


Everyone is looking for a quick-fix:

So here’s one, and a very effective one too!

Antidote to Stress: SOS     A call for help!



The “Size of a Stamp”:  A picture paints a thousand words…

There’s a letter in the mail for you. It may be from a friend or relative abroad, it may be from the love of one’s life sending messages of endearment. These little stamps of mystery, wonder and excitement & apprehension all at once bring news to the world…  The little stamps from far-away places or localities are the wings that bring the words of life’s narratives to one, passion & sympathy alike.



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