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The Storm,

The Joeys &

The Red Rock




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About the Book:


‘The Storm, The Joeys & The Red Rock’ is a story of two joeys living at the Red Rock, Central Australia…


The wild Storm disrupts their idyllic life, with the rain a’lashing, the thunder a’roaring, the lightning a’striking!  Two little joeys are missing!  Where did they go?  A search for the two little joeys when the Storm is over… 


Join the search for the two little joeys to get back to the Red Rock.




About the Author:


Marie Anne Ó Mórdha remembers her childhood in Australia, from Sydney shores.  Her favourite places: Sydney Opera House with its glinting White Open Sails and the vastness of Outback Australia lit up by the Southern Cross by night and by day, its forever blue skies deliciously scented by hazy blue eucalyptus mist and its striking earthy colours of reds & orange, inhabited by its unique wildlife. 




































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