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A Woman’s Conversation with Life



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About the Book:


Book Title: A Woman’s Conversation with Life            

Author: Marie Anne Ó Mórdha




Genre: Autobiography & Diary from the 1960s

Location: Australia, Ireland, Europe.


A child growing up in the 60’s, the world in a state of flux, having witnessed two world wars, trying to regain some balance of normality. A time when younger generations moved en masse from Europe and other places to the Antipodes of Australia, Land of Milk and Honey, with dreams of far horizons and digging for gold.

Growing up in Australia was exhilarating in a brand-new world, having witnessed the first man landing on the moon; a world before the arrival of computers and modern-day technology.  It’s the story of Marie Anne’s youth and getting a coveted Scholarship for a University degree, as many other women of her generation.

The story of reaching for her dreams, and like a talisman, the wondrous magical sight of the Sydney Opera House in view.

The engaging story of life as seen from a young woman’s eyes, playing the Game of Life, choices and allies to be made, making the best possible choices for her life, finding her husband, the soul-mate she was wishing for, to expand her future and to see the whole wide world as she hoped.

A book written in COVID-19-Lockdown Ireland, before Christmas 2020, and continued the following lockdown at the start of 2021.



About the Author:


Marie Anne Ó Mórdha is the author of “My True North”, “The Size of a Stamp Art Collection”, and now her new book: “A Woman’s Conversations with Life” 

A Child of the 60s.  A Woman’s Quest to live in a Man’s World.

70s & 80s decades of Trailblazer Queens and beyond…





Excerpt from A Woman’s Conversation with Life:


Girls’ Night Out, this year is in Sydney Harbour on the luxurious Floating Restaurant in view of the Opera House and Sydney lights in the background…

Girls’ Night Out can be the make or break of childhood friendships. The competitive spirit still the under-current, it’s a show of fine evening wear carefully chosen for The Occasion of the Year, mainly for showing off: cars, positions, whether middling, lofty and in-between, the exhilarating, the mundane and downright tedious but important jobs, to show off their engagements, their rings: engagement, wedding and eternity rings on show, husbands & boyfriends, the tall, the short and everything in-between, the handsome, the magnetic and nondescript, some rich and powerful, some even self-made millionaires and famous, family pictures on show, no doubt it’s a talent show which could well overshadow Miss World Competition…

“Can you keep a secret? Say nothing to nobody. I’m burning to tell someone, so I’ll tell you.” “She shouldn’t have told me.  Everybody knows I’m bad with secrets.”  Three women are seated together sparkling with their bling, and they’re school girls again. “What’s the goss? Tell us, tell all. Who’s this about, and how did you hear, did she tell you herself?” All with ears tuned in, and the walls have ears and eyes as well, in this clatter and buzz of the evening, a vibrant, swirling, multi coloured light energy buzz in the air as soon as the women walked into the space of the floating restaurant. The head-waiter just made an appearance, and he says: “Dinner is served.”



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