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Louise Byrne


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About the Author:


Louise Byrne was born in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.  She successfully ran her own psychotherapy clinic for several years. In 2005 she was invited to present several Behaviour Modification courses in China and subsequently received an Honorary Professorship in psychology from the China Rehabilitation Research Centre.

In 2006 she qualified as Ireland’s first certified Graphoanalyst (handwriting analyst).

She lives with her family in Co. Louth. Her strong belief in alternative therapies and positive thinking proved invaluable when her daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in March 2008.

She wrote 'Can You See What I See?' to support other kids with cf and their parents.  It is a book which holds genuine appeal for all kids and will be of particular positive and practical benefit to families with a recent cf diagnosis.





About the Book:


The engaging story of a little person with CF (Cystic Fibrosis)

and a superhero style approach to health challenges.


A heart-warming and fun story for all kids

with practical and positive tips for parents included.
































"I am delighted to see a book like this come into being. I think it will appeal to children yet carries an important message to them and their parents of some very simple routines and activities that will make a world of difference to their CF. It is a credit to Louise that she has had the foresight and the commitment to produce this book that should prove to be an invaluable resource for the CF community."

David Coleman, Clinical Psychologist, Broadcaster and Author.


"Louise Byrne has created a really informative book about a serious subject, but done with a lightness of touch and a parent's warmth that makes the story so attractive and useful. I congratulate her warmly and hope the book reaches many readers" 

Joseph O'Connor, Author


‘Louise Byrne has written an engaging, informative and beautifully illustrated storybook for younger children with Cystic Fibrosis - with lots of practical tips for their parents as well!’

Philip Watt, CEO CFAI (Cystic Fibrosis Association Ireland)

'I just loved reading this book to my 4 year old, he, like the girl in the book, has cf and it helps him to know there is someone else doing the same things as him - plus I got some genuinely useful tips myself!'
Maire Gallagher, cf parent, Ireland


'Louise, you've done a brilliant job and I hope it helps all cfer families across the world.'
Tom Kelleher, cf parent, London

'Well done, it's a great book and I'll keep it for the rest of my life'
Nicky Kenny, cf parent, Calgary, Canada

'This is a really well produced and engaging children's book that doubles as an invaluable resource and information tool. I will be glad to recommend it. Very well done.'
Mary Redmond, Public Health Nurse, Dublin


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