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Musings in Theology

And Philosophy


By Liam Johnston


ISBN: 978-1-909154-07-0




About the Book:


    Saint Augustine referred to us all as ‘Viatores’ or ‘Wayfarers’, hence the title of this little collection. As Wayfarers, throughout our journey, whatever our destination may be, we look for help and guidance along the way.


   The absolute truth which all human beings seek may not be found until the end of the journey, but the reward is in the search.


   The questions raised herein have no definitive answers, nor should they have, but are simply a series of theological and  philosophical musings.  They represent my own personal thoughts on certain aspects of my life experience which I would like to share with my friends and comrades.


The writings are my own, and no approbation is sought.  It is not important that we know the answers to all the cosmic questions that we raise, but it is important that we want to know.







About the Author:


















Liam Johnston lives in County Louth, but is a native of Belfast, where he works as an    Accountant in public practice. He was educated in St Mary’s Star of the Sea School in Greencastle and St Malachy’s College,   Belfast.

He studied theology and philosophy with the Dominicans in Dublin for seven and a half years and was awarded an Honours Degree in Theology in 2010.