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Auld Stock

Tales and More


From the Castlebar Parish Magazine

1971 to 2020


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By Liam Egan


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-43-3


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About the Book:


Auld Stock Tales is a collection of Articles, Stories and musing by Liam Egan.  Most of the material appeared in the Castlebar Parish Magazine 1970 to 2020. 

The book evokes the Castlebar and Ireland of the mid-twentieth century and should appeal to all natives of the town both home and abroad.  It focuses firmly on a strong sense of place and a passionate love of his home town. The book is primarily aimed at those with Castlebar roots or connection but it is also the memories of an Ireland that is gone and a time that was familiar to those in most provincial towns of the period.



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About the Author:


Liam Egan was born in Castlebar in 1949, his early life was spent in Davitt’s Terrace and later Newport Road. His father John of Market Square was a National School teacher and a well known footballer with the great Mitchells and Mayo teams of the 1930’s and his mother Phyllis nee Irwin was one of the Irwin’s of Ellison Street.

Liam's early schooling was at St Patrick's National School, Chapel Street; he moved to the Military Barracks when the school was burnt down in 1957.  A proud Castlebarborian he has a deep, life-long love for his native place; its history, traditions and folklore.

He has travelled extensively and worked in Kenya, Nigeria and most recently in 2016 Tanzania. On his return to Ireland he once again returned to his passion for teaching, talking and writing.

He now lives in Cunnagher South, Ross, with his wife of 47 years Margaret nee McDonnell of McHale Rd.

Auld Stock Tales and More is collection of his writings and musings and he hopes it will bring to mind times past and life in Castlebar from the 1950’s on.