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Larry Eivers


ISBN: 978-1-909154-14-8


 Price  € 9.99


About the Book:


Leon was a strange child who never fitted in at school; he was bullied when he related tales of his father’s visions of a future war involving a new, devastating weapon. He had to leave school early to make his own way in the world, while left with no guidance from his father.


With clever twists and turns, “Gifted?” weaves a tale of the Irish farmer who could predict a nightmare future in his own mind and the son who grew up, turned himself around and kept the family together.


Was the war really going to be a reality, and should people have listened to what he had to say? Was he mad … or was he “gifted”?




About the Author:


The author Larry Eivers worked in construction for over 14 years. After being made redundant last November, Larry turned his hand at writing. He created this story Gifted, which is a short story with a lot of detail and action and leaves the reader with something

to ponder on….



‘It all started so long ago, they were always a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Haunting my thoughts, influencing my decisions that I have always made.

What realm do they belong to? What realm is this?’