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About the Author


Kathy A. Crinion is from a historical town in Co. Meath. Ireland, called Trim. She is married with three sons. Jake,  Billy and Adam, the names will sound familiar to those who have read the book!

If being a singer/songwriter and paranormal researcher, isn’t enough, she is also currently studying for her degree in Humanities at Dublin City University majoring in Psychology and Philosophy.

Writing children stories is a new direction for Kathy, however, she has been writing for a number of years in the form of lyrics and newsletter articles.

Kathy’s inspiration for this book came when she saw a painting by her mother in law of a cute bear. She thought it was so ideal for an illustration in a children’s book that she set about writing the story almost immediately. Gradually the one cute bear became a whole family of bears each one hand painted by Anne Crinion.


About the Book


This book is a fun, educational way for young children to learn the days of the week. Each day is filled with new tasks for the twin bears, who are the main characters in this book. The family unit plays a strong part in the story which encourages guidance in the right direction.

Aimed at the 3 - 7 yr market this book is as easily appreciated by parents as children. Adults will recognise a child’s eagerness to learn while helping in or around the home, only to mess it up somehow. Children will see that it’s OK to get it wrong sometimes, but it always works out in the end.

The illustrations for this book are hand painted in watercolour. Each bear was based on a member of the authors family to bring this story to life.




Sample Excerpts



What will we

do today?


Written by

Kathy A. Crinion

Illustrated by Anne Crinion


ISBN:  1-905451-06-7


Price:  €7.99

Text Box: They like to do lots of 
things together.

They like to learn new things 
each day.

They like to help their family. 

But sometimes they just get 
in the way …………

Text Box: “Daddy can we come fishing 
with you today?” 
asked Billy and Adam. 

“You can get the 
sweet corn ready for the 
fish bait”, said Daddy.

Billy and Adam got a tin 
of sweet corn.
Text Box:


Thursday they

went fishing

with their Daddy