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Born to be Angels


Written by

Julie Kelly


Illustrated by

Anthony Corrigan


Price € 15.00 



About the Book

Kate, Danny and Laura live in a magical place called Heaven and are studying to become Guardian Angels. When they don’t take their study seriously, Archangel Zadkiel sends them to earth to see what an important job being a Guardian Angel is.

Before they go Zadkiel gives each a special power, including Jacko, Danny’s mischievous black and white dog.










Kate is 11 and has long, curly, blond hair. She loves music, singing and dancing and is never without her iPod. She came to live here when she was 2.

Danny is 10 and has a cheeky smile and blond hair that stands up all over, no matter what he does with it. He loves playing soccer and has a mischievous little black-and-white dog called Jacko. Danny has lived here since he was 8.

And Laura, the quiet one, is also 11. She has dark, shoulder-length hair and wears a hairband to keep it out of her eyes. Laura loves reading and always has her head in a book. Laura has lived here for most of her 11 years.


Join Julie Kelly in this magical and enchanting story of young children living in heaven which is beautifully illustrated by Anthony Corrigan.

Julie is a hairdresser and angelic healer.  She is married to Derek and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  She was inspired to write ‘Born to be Angels’ due to losses in her own family.


Julie at the launch of Born to Be Angels in Grove House Hotel, Dunleer Co Louth on 19th February 2016.

Reviews and comments for Born to Be Angels


As a father who has lost three children I found great solace from reading this Story (Jonathan Irwin founder of the Jack and Jill foundation)


Born to Be Angels is a book about loss and grief but written in the most inspiring way. It is so sweet how the writer, Julie has turned a family tragedy, the death of three family members, into something positive to help others who have lost love ones. Brave and inspiring we really love this book. (momstown)


What a wonderful book, Aoife whose 6yrs old absolutely adores it! She has also named all our guardian angels…her’s is called “Jackie” it’s a beautiful, subtle introduction about heaven & where all our little angels have gone to! Thank you Julie Kelly xxxx (Fiona Boyes)


Many Thanks Julie for last night (book launch) you are a wonderful lady with so much love in your heart, your book is beautifully written and illustrated, I managed to read it all last night and I truly believe T and Mum are up there on their own clouds keeping an eye on all below Thank You (Emer)


My grandniece Hannah is our first reader of the beautiful book Born to Be Angels written by my sister in law Julie, she is nine years old. She said after reading QUOTE…it was exciting and made me feel special and I love the colours. She wants one of her own to bring to school and read to her teacher and class. Thank-you Julie for keeping Danny so special to her and to all children who will read this lovely (Mary Mc Fadden)


Sometimes a book comes along that will touch the hearts of many and bring a smile to faces that haven’t smiled for some time. (Mark)


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