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It Happened

to Me



Josephine Woods


ISBN:  1-905451-23-7


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About the Book:


This book, except for its final summary, is mainly a chronicle of incidents so mysterious, yet so  personal and wonderfully consoling, that the yellowing typescript, taken from rough notes of each incident as it happened, has remained for lone years in a file.  This file has been my most treasured possession and no eyes other than my own have scanned the precious notes that it holds.


However, I now strongly feel that I should share with others the strange phenomena that has been my experience – and phenomena is the only word that can best describe the wonderful happenings that befell me.  I wish to share with others the indescribable joy and consolation that my unusual experiences  brought to me, that in the sharing the reader can echo with me the words,

''Oh grave, where is thy victory, oh death, where is thy sting''.



'' Seek and Ye shall Find''


This I Did – I Sought – Then


It Happened to Me