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A Poetry Book



Jonathan James Wilson


ISBN:  978-1-905451-92-0


Price…. €12.00






About the Book:



This book is my first introduction into the world of poetry. I do not wish to preach beliefs or encourage people. My new found love for writing and new people in my life were inspirational in the writing of my book. I try to write about real situations, current affairs and fictional topics.  I hope this book can inspire people to do the same. 

A percentage of the proceedings from this book will be donated to children’s charities.




My book is dedicated to the people that lifted me out of a dark and disturbing point of my life.  Sometimes life seems bleak but there is life at the end of the tunnel.  My title Lost and Found is dedicated to them.


Lost and Found by the

Spiritual and Intellectual

Voice of Music and Art


By Jonathon James Wilson