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The Phoenix And The Kitty Hawk

The Confession Box


By John Michael Byrne


ISBN:  978-1-905451-65-4


Price:  € 15.00



About the Author:


The author, John Michael Byrne is from Dublin, Ireland.  The Phoenix And the Kitty Hawk & The Confession Box, a combination of two of the authors books, and is his first novel.



Book 1

The Phoenix & The Kitty Hawk


The Phoenix rose from the ashes,

Majestic, Large it stood,

The Kitty Hawk ruled supreme,

Two birds of prey,

One now extinct,

The other still at Large……



Chapter One,



The huge airbus dipped it’s left wing, circling above Heathrow airport, awaiting its turn to land.  The smart well dressed businessman looked down on one of the world’s busiest airports.

From this height it looked fantastic. As the plane dropped lower, the passenger knew that the pilot would be in radio contact with the tower controller, who would guide his plane in its turn to its allotted runway.  The businessman smiled, he knew the routine, the control tower crew would guide each plane circling above onto the ground.  He was impressed at the skill of both control crew and the pilots.  Down below it would be controlled chaos, planes arriving, and departing, passengers checking in for their flights, others gathering around the carousels, waiting to retrieve their luggage.  The ground staff of each airline would expertly steer each of their passengers to the checkouts, and departure gates, taking care of children, while their parents checked in. 

Although he was a seasoned plane traveller, he was relieved to hear the wheels screech, as they made contact with the runway……..



Chapter Four


In the street where the bomb had exploded, the emergency people were clearing the bodies.  Gendarmes, and French troops were searching office blocks for more casualties. 

The forensic detectives were there searching for evidence, one senior police officer was there with his team of detectives interviewing witnesses, Chief Inspector Pierre Lafront, was surveying the damage, and directing operations.

The police chief went through the open space into the majestic hotel.  The manageress met Him.  He shook her hand, “Any of your guests or staff hurt”?

“No Sir, lucky enough most of our guests were in the bar and restaurant at the rear of our hotel. Our only casualty is a badly shocked chambermaid, who was flung across one of our rooms while working.  I am doing a head count of our guests and staff, I am checking the key rack to see which guests had handed in their keys and gone out.  My staff are counting the guests still in their rooms, please Sir go into our bar, have a coffee, on the hotel, I will give you details of the final count”.

“Thank you, I will wait in the bar”……….





The Confession Box



Chapter One


The sun was warm, and bright on this fine June day.  Everybody in the city of Dublin seemed to have happy faces.  It was good to be alive.

The well dressed man was very happy as he approached the city’s Pro Cathedral, on his way to have his confession heard, in preparation for his daughters wedding. 

She was marrying her childhood sweetheart the next day, and he hoped the weather was just as sunny tomorrow, it would be good for the wedding photographs.  On reaching the bottom of the chapel steps, he took some coins from his pocket and handed the money to a woman selling the Big Issue.  He did not take the offered magazine.

Holding onto the steel handrail, he ascended the concrete steps, and dipping his right hand into the water font, he blessed himself, and entered the chapel interior.  It took him several seconds to adjust his vision from the bright sunshine to the darker interior of the Pro Cathedral……



Chapter 9


In Belfast, a blue ford transit van was stolen from a public house car park.  The owner reported the vehicle having being stolen, he the owner reported the vehicle having being stolen, he gave a description of the van, and its registration number.  The van was driven to a rear lane lock up, it was fitted with new number plates. 

Three members of a unionist terror group, Alan Macanasky, Bobby Campbell, and Lennie Armstrong, left Belfast at seven o’clock pm, in the blue van.

They were on their to meet Andy Halligan, their boss, Dougie Mowlam, through a contact had been given……