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Life’s a Bitch



Written By


John Fox


Price:  €14.99



About the Book:


This story revolves around the main character who was forced to emigrate to England following a disastrous affair which ended in tragedy. 

Subsequently he vowed to seek retribution on the man who deceived him. This involved dealing with the IRA in most unusual circumstances which makes for interesting reading.

When he had dealt with this he had one more difficult task to perform ……





About the Author:


John Fox was born in Dublin and worked in Insurance in the City for about 12 years, he then transferred to London where he established a successful career in brokering and at Lloyds.

He is now retired and enjoys writing novels and hopefully we will have more from him in the near future.







“Are you sure we picked the right place Brian, all I can see is grass, hedges and a few scruffy sheep”.

“Don’t worry, as we approach the town you’ll see for yourself that there is a fair amount of industry here and I have it on good authority that a new industrial unit is being built in the locality”.

As they approached Dunready, Dave was impressed but made no comment. For a small country town there was an unusually large number of small factories and judging by the excavations in progress, quite a few more would be erected over the next few months.

   Brian braked, edged the car into a narrow backstreet and pulled in outside what had obviously been a shop of some kind, which had been neglected for many years, judging, by the broken windows and flaked paintwork.

“This surely isn’t it?”

The disdain in Dave’s voice was too obvious and Brian took exception.

“What the hell did you expect for twenty pounds a week - Buckingham Palace? I spent the past six months travelling up and down the country, searching for a site in the right area and at a price we could afford, and now you come along and…”

“Hold it” said Dave “It was just the initial shock, I appreciate what you’ve done and I can see the potential. A few panes of glass and a bit of paintwork will make something of it and I can do that myself, lets go in and look around”.

There wasn’t much to see, creaking floorboards, torn wallpaper and the sole occupier, one small mouse who no doubt resented the invasion of his peaceful abode.

“Well, Brian, you hop down to the local glazier and I’ll organize the decorating”.

“No, first lets go and meet some of the local business people”.

“How do you intend to do that, it’s lunchtime?”

“Follow me”.

Brian stepped out, walked briskly back to the main street and entered the local pub. He had obviously been here before. Dave noticed that as he passed through the bar he greeted some of the farmers familiarly. The front bar was of the spit and sawdust type, which is quite common around the Irish countryside, but the back lounge was a different proposition. It was decorated in an exceptionally modern fashion, complete with mirrors and murals and a sound food bar, which would have done justice to any of the best Dublin hotels. There was an air of prosperity here and Dave could sense Brian’s cash register mentality sussing out the business potential at a sweeping glance.

They ordered a couple of pints and headed for the food bar. Balancing his Guinness in one hand and a Shepherds pie and appropriate cutlery in the other Dave headed towards an empty table, but was quickly ushered by Brian to another area with two empty seats.

Within minutes Brian saw to it that they were on Christian name terms with their four companions, one of whom fortunately was captain of the local golf club. Before they finished a pleasant hours interlude they were practically guaranteed membership and received an invitation to a weekend dance at the club…..