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             John doesn’t pretend to be that musician but he does have compelling stories to tell through his poetry. John like many of us has lived a life faced with adversity, but it has been on that journey that he has discovered his gift for the spoken word and a sense of purpose and meaning as a poet.


             “A Seat at the Winter Flamenco” is a wondrous and mystical journey filled with visually invoking verse that will conjure the imagination of all its readers. The illustrations which were produced by friends of John during a series of poetry recitals are a testimony to John’s capacity to inspire.


             In this book, John sings his own songs and celebrates his own strangeness. Throughout the book there is an unwavering sense of respect for the Gift of Life and a deep appreciation for the timeless qualities of the world in which we live, where anything is possible if you believe.








A Seat at the Winter Flamenco


Poems by John Cooney


ISBN: 978-1-907107-58-0


Price:…… € 14.99


             Poetry for John Cooney is the “Art of Captivation”. As he writes John often pictures a large hall where a noisy restless crowd has gathered. Lyrical melodies are promised, but nobody is expecting very much. A diminutive, almost non-descript figure steps up to the microphone and opens his mouth. Instantly the audience are captive.