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          The Secret To Healing...                             ...Virtually All Diseases...


Ireland’s Foremost Naturopath



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About the Book:



If you are concerned about your deteriorating health and are searching for safe and effective solutions to your health problems, then this book is written for you!

For years too much attention has been devoted to the medical management of disease rather than to the proper investigation of its root causes. While the majority of drugs prescribed by doctors may seem to “CURE” or provide relief for a disease, most of them simply relieve symptoms or the pain associated with the disease.

In this most informative and practical book on Natural Health Care, John Byrne  explains how you can eradicate any disease once and for all, by knowing the true underlying cause(s) and eliminating them. He outlines his thesis in lively prose and presents lots of compelling scientific evidence in jargon-free, easy-to-read chapters.

He shows you how to restore your body to health by combating the hidden factors behind most of today’s health conditions, through safe and effective natural healing methods.

John also spells out what you can do in your own kitchen to improve your health – what foods are beneficial and what foods are detrimental to your health. In the appendix, he lists specific diet plans and guidelines to follow depending on individual circumstances.

Getting Healthy Naturally is thought-provoking, engaging and immeasurably timely in this era of ever-increasing incidences of chronic disease – it offers hope to sick people who may have been afraid to dream of a cure.



About the Author:


John Byrne N.D., B.H.Sc. is a naturopathic physician having received his training in Australia, where he obtained a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of New England, along with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy from Nature Care College in Sydney, as well as Diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Remedial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

John has been involved in natural healing therapies since 1990 and it is his fervent belief that most health problems are reversible. He currently lives in Navan, Co. Meath where he has been running a busy natural healing practice for the past fifteen years.

Due to the diverse and eclectic nature of his studies and his many years experience as a practicing naturopath and nutritional consultant, John understands that vibrant health can only evolve through a process that involves the integration of body, mind and spirit. In his healing work with individuals, he develops health plans based on dietary and lifestyle practices to create a new vision of health and vitality.



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