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Homan Potterton


ISBN:  1-905451-18-0



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About the Book

About the Book

Sample Excerpts

Sample excerpts

The Potterton family came to Ireland in the late 17th Century and settled as tenant-farmers in County Meath.  They have remained there, farming the same lands, to this day.  Their story, like that of most families, is an ordinary story of births, marriages and deaths from one century to another.  But Homan Potterton has searched the records and, in piecing together the family tree back to the first Thomas Potterton  who died in 1718, he has found that all was not always as ordinary as it seemed.  There were family secrets, family feuds and, occasionally, family tragedy.  Some Pottertons became wealthy, others bankrupt, some married money, others eloped.  One disappeared en route to the California Gold Rush.  Drawing on parish registers, surviving wills and, most of all, the rich resources of the Registry of Deeds in Dublin he has traced his various ancestors and followed their fortunes down through ten generations.