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Going Home Again

& Other Poems


W.G. McNeice


ISBN: 978-1-907107-32-0


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About the Author:


W.G. Mc Neice was born in Castle island, Co. Kerry in 1930 and worked with a local authority in Tralee before transferring to Bray, Co. Wicklow in 1972. 

His poetry has been published in magazines and newspapers here and in England, including the Times Literary Supplement, New Irish Writing and many others.

He was won a number of prizes at the Listowel Writers’ Week in the past and has received many commendations for his poetry also.


He is now retired and lives with his family in Bray.



About the Book:


Volume of selected poems.





Sample Excerpt:





She swept into my dreams last night

To whisper words of love to me.

I woke: the dream dissolved and she

Had vanished without trace.


I concentrated on her face

As I remembered it in dream;

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep

And called her every woman’s name


That I could think of (counting sheep)

But sleep evaded every ploy.

O she had snared me in her net!

I, too, would sail to distant Troy


With her and nervermore regret

The enmity of gods and men—

If I could hold her once again,

If only once again in dream.






After the Storm


I notice the stillness after the storm;

The trees reclaim their upright posture;

Clouds are no longer rent but uniform

In the sky, the wind’s breath only a whisper.


I carry the unsteadiness like a sailor still,

My ears rocked, my head stuffed with the clamour

Of those wild strings and woodwinds, lungs filled

With the yeast of all that fermenting mixture.

























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