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God sense or Nonsense


By Con McGillicuddy



Fr. Con McGillicuddy uses teenagers as Detectives to do forensic searches for the source of creation and they discover God as the “Culprit” of this crazy world.  God is shown to be a nice guy - anybody's Daddy.  Fr. McGillicuddy also proves that Heaven exists - on the evidence of a scientist! 





About the Author:


Fr. Con McGillicuddy is a native of Killarney, Ireland.  As related in Chapter 5 – he comes from a family of 8 children – his parents had a small business, a retail fish-shop. When his father John died, Con helped his mother at the business - bringing supplies of fish by handcart from the  railway station - filleting fish – salting fish – delivering fish by bicycle to hotels and hospitals in Killarney, in  between studying in St. Brendan’s Secondary College.  Later he entered Clonliffe College in Dublin, to study and train for the priesthood; ordained a priest in 1956 – he then worked as a priest for 55 years – mainly in working class parishes.  Retired now at age of 85 in Little Sisters of the Poor Home, Raheny, Dublin. 


In his retirement he often writes letters to newspapers, upholding the Catholic faith.  He is author of a previous book “Eaten Bread” relating to work of Irish Religious Congregations.



Sense or




Con McGillicuddy


ISBN: 978-1-909154-84-1


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