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Polly and Friends



Gill Pavey


ISBN: 978-1-905451-51-7



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About the Book


“Polly & Friends”, a must-have book for pet dog owners everywhere. A 100 page, full colour book lavishly illustrated by stunning, original photographs “Polly & Friends” shows dogs and dog life in a collection of poems, anecdotes and chat mainly from the dog’s point of view.


If you have a dog, you will soon be nodding as you recognise your own pet. Humorous, thought provoking and sometimes sad, you will move through the sections realising what your dog thinks – most of the time! A word of warning though on the final section – saying goodbye – you will need a large box of tissues!


“Polly”, the Dalmatian on the front cover, was the author’s first dog and her untimely death in 2006 was the trigger for this book to be produced. A percentage of the profits will be donated to a range of dog charities.















































About the Author


Gill Pavey was born in Worcester, England in 1956 into a family of dog lovers and spent her childhood with Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and a Beagle. From an early age she wanted a Dalmatian but this suggestion was condemned as the breed was considered by her mother to be too frivolous, not serving any particular purpose.





Photo by:

Joyce Crawford-Manton

Irish Canine Press

It was 1996 before she acquired her first Dalmatian Polly, after whom this book is named, and Polo and Declan appeared a few years later. Her mother, who died in 2002, still considered them to be frivolous but was nonetheless won round by their charm and clown like characteristics.


Gill moved to Ireland in 2004 and now lives in Granard, Co. Longford. A keen dog show exhibitor and aspiring judge, she spends most weekends at shows in Ireland and the UK and at the time of writing, shares her cottage with her Dalmatian, Declan (Deccy) and the promise of a new puppy soon!

Book Review

“As Editor of the Carriage Dog Chronicle I consider Gill's poems outstandingly brilliant, with a rare touch of genius. The poems cover the spectrum of dog ownership, ranging from the hilariously funny to empathising with the sadder side of owning dogs. Dog owners on an international scale will feel compelled to have this collection of Gill's poems as part of their library; every concern and mood swing relating to dogs will be recognisable.

Joan Richardson, Carriage Dog Chronicle