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September Song


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Gerry Hickey



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-22-8


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In 1963 during the final months of the Kennedy administration, an unidentified woman is murdered on a crowded Cape Cod beach. The repercussions of the mysterious woman's death reach all the way to the heart of the US Government, threatening to destroy the reputation of the President and American prestige.

Jimmy Flynn, a State Department employee becomes obsessed with discovering the identity of the dead woman and decides to investigate her murder. What he discovers has disastrous consequences for his own career. It exposes the dark side of American politics and the cold war in the early sixties, marking the end of innocence.

The story is told against the background of real events dominating the political landscape as the Kennedy presidency comes to an end.



"Since the initial publication of this book I have been heartened by the number of readers who have contacted me with feedback, almost universally positive. The numbers of people who described the book as a 'real page turner' and 'difficult to put down' is genuinely gratifying for a writer who has written only one short historical novel previously. The story is a combination of fiction and historical fact, set mostly in the United States and to a lesser extent in Germany. It is an American story of a political murder, carried out against the backdrop of the cold war and occurring at a time when the traditional certainties of American life were being transformed. I am more than pleased that those who have read it so far, find it absorbing, informative and an exciting read."


Gerry Hickey



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‘The woman had less than five minutes to live when she walked briskly passed me on Craigville beach that Labour Day weekend. When I thought about her afterwards I am certain that I felt there was something familiar about her but I can’t say I honestly recognised her or even thought consciously about her. Maybe it was the way she was dressed that lodged in the recess on my mind...’



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About the Author:


Gerry Hickey is a lawyer and a retired public servant. He worked for a number years prior to his retirement, in the Criminal Justice Division of the Department of Justice. At an earlier point in his varied career he was appointed a Government arbitrator and mediator in cases taken under anti-discrimination laws. He was also a speechwriter for a variety of Irish government Ministers including two former Prime Ministers. He has had a play broadcast on National Radio and two     one-act plays staged in Dublin. He has previously published a book about the Jewish philosopher and mystic Edith Stein, who was murdered in Auschwitz in 1942. He has lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium and in the United States, where he has family. He is a frequent and regular visitor to the US.