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Dawn from the Darkness




Ger Mc Cormack




Price: €14.90



About the Book:


Ger McCormack is a controversial writer with no holds barred in this piece that is his Bio, a collection of chapters not only retelling his life as a child encountering normal innocence and beautiful imagery surrounding his upbringing, destroyed by an experience of sexual abuse, bringing him into a confused pattern of self-harm during puberty years, culminating a rebel teen lifestyle of alcohol abuse, violence, drugs and crime.



This captivating novel like story brings us to an amazing conclusion of his story as Ger encounters a Dawn like moment in his life, helped by friends that introduced him to the light that God was willing to bring into his life.


It turns into a Teaching of sorts as we learn about his encounters of helping others from their own Darkness and with the power of God's provision and the cries of willing people want the need to change, as they dawn from darkness.


Ger has experience in professional acting, playing the part as 'Mole' in the hit Irish TV series “Pure Mule” and has done Theology and Philosophy and Special Ethics in college here in Ireland.