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Secrets and Styes


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Gerard Smith


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-55-6


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About the Book:


 “He banished the snakes son, but he could do nothing about the ghosts.  They still ramble and roam at home.”  ‘Home’ is a place called Cavan, Ireland, where seven-year-old Gerard sets out to find the identity of the tall-man, a ghost who visited his father when he was a child.

However, his quest is thwarted by adult-whisperings and secrets that turn Gerard’s search into a frantic race to save his siblings from his own sinful secrets.

‘Secrets and Styes’ is a coming-of-age memoir, set in an Ireland many think has long gone.

But no, remnants always remain.




About the Author:


Gerard Smith returned to Cavan, Ireland after 30 years in London, where he worked in Advertising.  Prior to his return, he wrote a personal twitter thread about his relationship with his father.  The thread went viral, with many requesting he write a memoir – ‘Secrets And Styes’ is the result.

Gerard writes fiction on the popular reader/writer App Wattpad, where he currently has over 6 million engaged readers.