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A Slice of A Life




Gerard F Murphy


ISBN: 978-1-909154-65-0


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From Back Street to Buckingham Palace, ‘A Slice of A Life’ looks back with random jottings of an Octogenarian Bakery worker, hammered out on the anvil of life, from a hungry thirties boyhood through WWII and rationing on through teenage years and beyond.

Boyhood escapades are captured in what could be described as a millionaire’s upbringing in freedom except when firm hands of parents intervened leaving a lasting legacy of right and wrong.

Ma had three abiding principles in rearing five sons of whom I was the youngest – spoiled! Not when you read this!

First, you can go where you like so long as you let me know where you are going!

Second, if you ever need anything, ask me!

Lastly, when you pass fourteen there’s nothing more we can do for you! (you’re on your own)


   School and Church had major influence on tastes and hopes, none more so than the Bakehouse as a fourteen year old. Overriding all of this was Football, Football, Football at every opportunity and at any available space then onward to the pinnacle, the hallowed ground of Croke Park. 


   After that, reality took over the long road to earn a living beckoned, all the time missing a bit of formal schooling, leaving a sort of loose cannon.  Traumatic events of later years referred to in the Epilogue. The four chapters and epilogue were all drawn and written from memory, hopefully the reader will get the flavour of each era.  It might seem like an autobiography, it’s not! Few people ever reveal their inner self.  Come on this journey with me, I’ll be happy if you find it of interest.


Gerard F. Murphy, MBE –JULY 2014

























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Gerry Murphy, is an 80 year old retired Bakery Manager/ Director who spent most of 50 years in Baking.  He is the youngest of five sons, and is married to Margaret. He has two daughters Monica and Mary, married to Keith Mc Kay, and has two grandchildren, Aidàn and Anna.