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It’s Happening Again


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Fr. Michael Mahon



ISBN: 978-1-913275-54-9


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 There is a time for everything

And to know the right time is everything...




About the Book:


It came and went and left very little evidence that it has been here at all. What am I talking about…?

The charismatic renewal in Ireland - 

When I came home from London, England in 1969/70, I was baptised in the Holy Spirit.   Prayer groups were beginning to be formed locally in Leighlinbridge, Ballyhale, Bennetsbridge and Glynn.  Seminars in the Holy Spirit were being run in various venues. It was an exciting time.

Now fifty years later, I am once again excited about what is happening, revival perhaps is better understood and more common in other churches.  And so having experienced it happen in our church, I feel so blessed to have encountered it.

And as a result I can recognise the signs of revival more easily.  This is what I am attempting to write about here.

With a little help from my friends…





About the Author:


Fr. Michael Mahon was born in Graignamanagh, which means ‘the town of the monks’, in Kilkenny, Ireland.  He has lived there for most of his life, except for 7 years spent in London in the sixties.  He was ordained in Duiske Abbey in 1981, and became a Hermit Monk in 1991.





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