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When the Chips are Down



Fiona Nic Giobúin


ISBN: 978-1-907107-00-9


Price: €15.00



About the Book


This is a story where one couple, not knowing what to do in a crisis stood up and looked for help in their community, only to find others standing beside them.  They in turn looked for help, only to find others standing beside them….

This is a journey of the heart, written for big kids and all those who have big hearts beating inside in their chest.



All teachers shall by poets, for knowledge is dangerous

‘less it goes through the heart’









































“ This world is beautiful and we want to keep it that way.  And furthermore it is ours. 

It is our world and just like your football boots and your pencils and your hats

you have to do the minding…..

We have to intervene; we have to take care of it.  There is no point rocking up

in twenty years and saying, ‘it wasn’t us, it was them’.”