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Once upon a time in the City of Dublin, a friendship formed between two working professionals—a friendship that grew to lust and later developed into love.  Eirn Casey (Lawyer) and Greg Madison (Dentist) found one another in the heart of their city lives and they got engaged.


Going about their business on a day-to-day basis, doing what ordinary couples do: they juggled their demanding careers and strived to maintain their relationship.  Like all other couples in this world—they argued, they made up and they moved on, but years later when the idea of a marriage ceremony entered their world, their boat began to rock.


Then Eirn listened…. She listened to her elders—A man by the name of Fintan who told her to think back before going forward.


After a long weekend visit to Eirn’s hometown of Clonland the picture became clearer.  Being in the presence of family and friends and reminiscing of the good old times, Greg and Eirn realise that they are meant for each other.


Upon returning to Dublin with marriage on the horizon, something happened that put their dream on hold… A dark secret was revealed that tested their love.  Can Greg and Eirn overcome this stepping stone or will their love lose its way?


A Short story that celebrates love and justice.  A story that brings together the past memories, present dilemmas and future hopefuls of Eirn Casey.






Dear reader,


Thank you for purchasing my book.  Already you have made a difference in my life but most importantly you have made a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than others.  The children who are sick in hospital need people like you to know a good cause when they see one and participate in the fundraising.


My book is centered on the theme of love and justice.  I would like to tell the story of Eirn in the hope that a few copies will sell so that I can donate the profits to Our Lady’s Hospital for sick children, Crumlin.


Thanks a mill ….

“We live, we learn from our mistakes, we

laugh along the way, we love others and

while all this is happening, we are guided

 by the law” E.C.







Better Late than Never


The finer things in life are

worth the wait…..


By Emma Carey


ISBN:  1-905451-13-X


Price:  €13.99


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