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    My Life Story:

My Memoirs and Observations


 By Edward Ward


ISBN: 978-1-909154-53-7


Price: € 15.00





When Edward Ward told me he was gong to write his memoirs I was absolutely delighted. When conversing with Edward I always felt that his knowledge, his long experience and remarkable memory stretching back well over ninety years was an encyclopaedia that all generations would be enriched by sharing.

This book traces his life from childhood up to the present and will open a window on the past, shed light on the present and uplift us with hope for the future.

Edward has been my great friend and benefactor since I arrived in this parish twenty years ago. In fact when I visit him in his home nowadays as I enter he blesses me with Holy Water and as I leave does likewise with a lovely prayer for protection and strength. I greatly appreciate this gesture from a man of rock-solid faith who lives life in constant awareness of God’s presence.

Edward Ward emerges in this memoir as a master story-teller with a wry eye and a sharp wit; he is not blinded by fads or fashions but has the ability to see everything with a knowing eye and to get to the essence of things that any reader can understand.

Thank you Edward for inviting us on your inspiring and eventful journey down memory lane.


Pat Ramsbotton, P.E.




Sample Excerpts From My Life Story


… Time was now moving quickly for me – it was now 1928.



I was now 19 years of age and had by now realised the real loss of a Mother. No one to relate the facts of life, intimate advice, the love of a Mother. As a young man of 19 years how I wish my Mother was here and I could put my arms around her and quote the words of that beautiful song “Mother Machree”  “How I love the dear silver that shines in your hair – and the brow that’s all furrowed and wrinkled with care – I would kiss the dear fingers so toilworn for me – Oh God Bless you and keep you, Mother Machree.