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Eamon Rowe


ISBN:† 978-1-905451-79-1

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About the Author:


The Author, Eamon Rowe, is a retired professional of great experience and a wealth of personal study.† A highly qualified Accountant, he brings an incisive and practical approach to his writing, which conveys his thinking with great clarity to the reader.†

In the long course of his life he has travelled far, and thoughtfully researched the field of practical philosophy, testing the merits of many methodologies through practice and personal assessment.†

In the Human Microbe, he delivers his deeply considered conclusions on the great Human Challenge and brings a broad perspective to the important questions of Religion and the progress of Life on Earth.



About the Book:



A Survival guide for religious thinking in the twenty-first century


Here is a provocative book that examines the human condition and the great mysteries of life on earth, providing useful suggestions on how and why each individual should overcome the negative thought patterns that permeate our existence, and thereby access the extraordinary creative powers of the human mind for their own benefit and the peaceful advancement of the world.

The author discusses the importance of this objective in the context of world history and general religious practice, taking a hard-hitting look at the Catholic Church in particular.

In conclusion, simple non-religious techniques are provided to assist the reader with achieving mental control, in order to manage stressful thought patterns and tap into new areas of the creative subconscious which may considerably improve a personís capacity to lead a successful and dynamic life.



Sample Excerpts:


The roots of religious thinking run deep, and an inherent problem in every long established collection of religious principles is that they often represent, to greater or lesser degrees, the primitive concerns, politics and social structures of their human founders and early followers, which have been handed down through the ages and subsequently treated as sacrosanct and unchangeable.


In ten years time the Catholic Church as we know it will be gone, change is now a necessity, not an option.† Plain speaking must be the order of the day and common sense must rule, not theological speculation.† The human race is living on a razors edge of civilization and this world is still a jungle world for many of itís† inhabitants.† The great religions need to unite against coming catastrophes which are going to change the way people live.† There is no utopia ahead.† If the Church needs to be shocked into action, then so be it.


But it is not the sole responsibility of Religion to open or close the potential of a mind.† In an ideal world a religious education could be far more than a culturally imposed process of indoctrination that refers all problems back to faith in the Deity and the judgement of religious professionals.† It would include many of the modern tools of human understanding to help the members of its flock navigate a healthy path through lifeís confusions for themselves, by using their own intelligence.† But until that time arrives, it is up to the individual to develop a deeper understanding of his or her own consciousness and how to work with their mindís vast potential to find useful solutions to human problems.


It is good to know that there are techniques that can be employed by all of us to rise to the Human Challenge.† Each person can certainly learn to use his or her intelligence more effectively, and so gain great benefit.† When one really considers the marvellous improvements which a relatively tiny number of the human race has manages to bring about, it is fascinating to speculate about what else could be achieved if humanityís creative abilities could be activated more widely. The full range of human intelligence is there to be used, and all we have to do is examine ways of using it more efficiently.