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Menís Health




Duncan Lawler


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About the Book


As recently as 1900 the life expectancy of men and women was about the same.† Even as late as 1920 the gap was just one year but by 1998 this had increased to six years.† Men are nearly twice as likely as women to die of heart disease.† Men die from cancer at a rate nearly 50 percent greater than women.† They are three times as likely to die of suicide or AIDS.† They drown at higher rates and die at higher rates from violent crimes.†


The only explanation for this is societyís neglect or antipathy for menís health issues.† All human life is equally precious regardless of gender.† The purpose of this publication is to raise awareness of menís health issues.



About the Author


Duncan Lawler is a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist currently working in the area of Intellectual Disability and private practice.† He has written numerous published articles on Menís Health issues.


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