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I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Prepare for an adventure…………..if you dare!





About the book:


One of the keys has been stolen, the keeper killed and the third Guardian is nowhere to be found.  Etienne and Indigo, both Guardians, now know it is a race to warn the other six keepers and find out what has happened the third Guardian.


On their quest, they are drawn into the keeper’s own stories.  Jarath, one of the keepers has escaped from prison seeking revenge, and Hector, the Barbarian from the south, another keeper, is winning an age long struggle over his people’s land and freedom.


What they do not yet realise, is how their paths are linked by more than just the keys.

With so much power in the keys and so much destruction should they be reunited, can they stop it in time.




Sample Excerpt:


Jarath gazed out over Klode, there were so many times he though he would never see it again.  There were times he thought he would never want to.  He doesn’t really know how he survived the prison, sometimes he wonders if he really has.  His leg was throbbing; the climb up had taken a lot out of him.  He looked around for somewhere to rest.  He chose a grassy patch and lay down.


It was such a dark night.  He could close his eyes and see no real difference but this was nothing new to him.  The darkness bent around him, engulfing him like a familiar blanket and the black ceiling on the world above him, was just like his cell.  Sometimes he thought he was becoming drunk on darkness.  The breeze ruffled through his hair and tickled the grass around him.  He took a deep breath of fresh air and smiled.  He though about his wife and about his burnt house, and it did not take him long to reconnect with his one and only friend…. hate.  He slowly got to his feet.  There would be no more rest tonight.




“You bring people to see the Oracle,” Indigo said.

“Yes, most of them go home disappointed though, she only answers the true of heart.  I tell them this but they all believe that they will be answered.”

“Do you think I will be answered?” Indigo asked.




















































The Guardians


D.S. Green



Price:  €14.00